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Since 2003, Jackson Kayak has created innovative ways to paddle all types of water. Starting with whitewater boats, Jackson has branched out into all facets of paddling and into all uses for their boats too. Mosquito Creek is proud to be the Central Florida dealer for Jackson Kayak in Apopka, FL. With a great selection of boats for recreational paddling, like the Cruise, to the Coosa, Cudas, Big Tuna, and Big Rig boats designed specifically to stand up and fish different waters we have have it all. Check our some of the boats below and then give us a call and come paddle one in person at our Apopka, Fl location.



Professional kayak fisherman Drew Gregory and Jackson Kayak designed the Coosa kayak to excel in all areas of kayak fishing. Whether you're river fishing, lake fishing or scouring the saltwater flats, the Jackson Coosa allows you to paddle comfortably, stand up to see fish and cast with ease on a stable platform. The Coosa is what a fishing kayak is supposed to be. Jackson didn't just take a recreational boat and add some rod holders, like most manufacturers, and call it an "angler" version. Jackson designed the Coosa, from the ground up, with innovative features to increase your kayak fishing opportunities and comfort. The first kayak with a Hi/Lo seating option, the Coosa let's you sit higher off the water for a better view and more comfortable seating position. Rod storage is built into the kayak so you don't need rod holders, but can add them if you desire. Plenty of dry storage and protection for your rod tips, ensure that the Coosa makes a great fishing kayak!

Jackson Kayak Coosa

Jackson Kayak Big Tuna

Big Tuna

The Jackson Kayak Big Tuna tandem fishing kayak is a watercraft like no other. Jackson's innovating features like the 'Tuna Tank', a unique bait/live well that requires no plumbing or electronics are what makes these kayaks some of the best fishing kayaks in the world. The Big Tuna's Tuna Tank baitwell uses water from beneath the boat to circulate into the bait tank. This keeps for your shiners, pinfish, shrimp and other baitfish lively and fresh unlike any other system on the market. Add in Jackson's first to market Hi/Lo seating options and you have a boat that allows two people fish all day in comfort. If you want to go it alone though, the Big Tuna can be configured with just one center seat to create a single person fishing kayak with space that abounds as well! No matter, where or with whom you like to fish, the Big Tuna is a great option to get you on the water and fishing today!

Cuda 12/14

Jackson Kayak's Cuda is the answer to the kayak fisherman's dream. With the speed needed to trek long distances quickly, and the rare ability to be stable enough to stand and cast when you get to your destination the Cuda is a menace to fish everywhere. Jackson's patent pending Hi/Lo seating option, was the first to allow you to sit up higher off the water for a better view. It also let's you sit in comfort not found on other kayaks. With two length choices, the Cuda 12 and Cuda 14 allow you to choose the boat best suited to your fishing style and the water you fish. With all the fishing features you expect from Jackson, the Cudas keep your rods, bait, and gear safe while you fish in comfort.

Jackson Kayak Cuda

Jackson Kayak SUPerFISHal


Jackson Kayak's SUPerFISHal is just what you'd expect from Jackson when they enter the fishing Stand UP Paddleboard market. This fishing SUP was designed, from the ground up, for hardcore fisherman that want to get into the shallows quietly. It starts with a wide and stable platform that you can paddle all day while standing up, sitting on a cooler, or kneeling on your knees. Plenty of rigging points are built in for dry bags and rod holder mounts allow you to customize your SUPerFISHal however you want. Two RAM mount fishing rod holders are included, but you can always add more if you like. The removable deck organizer also has great Jackson Kayak fishing innovations like rod tip protection, paddle storage, a spot for you Nalgene bottle (included) and more. So, if you enjoy fishing and have been looking for a stand up option, the Jackson Kayak SUPerFISHal is just what you need!

Big Rig

The newest edition to Jackson's stand-up fishing kayak lineup is the Big Rig. This super stable fishing kayak utilizes the high/low seating Jackson is known for as well as plenty of built-in rod storage. With ample dry storage for tackle and gear this kayak can take anything on the water you might need for a day of fishing. Yak Attack gear track is attached in mutiple places around this boat for extra rod holders, gps holders, or other accessories. It also has a stand up bar that allows you to stand up, hold on, and fly fish or spin fish with plenty of stability.

Jackson Kayak Big Rig

Jackson Kayak Cruise


Jackson has developed a great many new features for their fishing kayaks. Some of them, like the adjustable height seat have been asked for by many customers in an easy to paddle and more recreational focused boat too. That why you'll now find the high/low seating system, lots of deck storage space, and a great open standing deck on the Jackson Kayak Cruise 12. If you're looking to just paddle for the day and "Cruise" this kayak is perfect. But, it's also a great boat to start from scratch to develop your own fishing kayak too. Add rod holders wherever you want them and you still have a great fishing boat that rivals the Cuda and Coosa for fishability.