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Perception Kayaks

Perception Kayaks

Perception Kayaks

Perception kayaks manufactures a variety of rotomolded recreational kayaks for paddlers and fishermen. Whether your passion is paddling the rivers and lakes of Florida or trying to catch a monster Red Drum in the saltwater inshore waters of coastal Florida, we have a Perception kayak for you. Mosquito Creek Outdoors features one of the best selections of Perception Kayaks in Central Florida. So call us to today to learn more about these amazing boats or you're in the area, be sure to stop by and test paddle one of these boats in our specially designed test pool at our Apopka, FL location.


Pescador Sport 10/12

The Perception Sport Pescador kayaks use a sit on top design that makes for a great warm water paddling kayak and a great fishing kayak too. Perception designed and built in a front dry storage area, open rear storage for dry bags and crates, and used a soft adjustable seat and footbraces, to make the Pescador one of the most comfortable sit-on-top paddling boats on the market. Its light weight and sleek design combine with these features to make it an easy choice for your first kayak.

Perception Sport Striker 11.5 Rotomolded Kayak

Perception Sport Striker 11.5 Rotomolded Sit-On-Top Kayak

Striker 11.5

The Perception Sport Striker 11.5 is lightweight sit-on-top kayak packed with features for low price you'd expect on a recreational boat. The Striker has four molded in rod holders behind the seat, solid foot bracing and a seating system that allows you to sit in two different height positions for better visibility while fishing.

Tribe 9.5/11.5/13.5

Perception's Tribe recreational kayaks are stackable to save space in your garage and a designed perfectly for Florida's lakes, rivers, and coastal waters. With a comfortable and removable seat plus plenty of rear space for dry bags, the Perception Tribe is a great way to start paddling! The 9.5 and 11.5 versions are great for single paddlers and the 13.5 tandem can be used alone or with another paddler for even more fun on the water!

Perception Tribe Rotomolded Sit-On-Top Kayak

Perception Prodigy Rotomolded Sit-Inside Kayak

Prodigy 10/12

The Perception Prodigy 10 & 12 foot long sit-inside kayaks are excellent feature packed kayaks. Rear sealable dry storage, adjustable foot braces, and a three-way adjustable cushioned seat and padded thigh braces combine to make the Prodigy series a great leisure paddling boat! With great paddling characteristics and excellent quality, the Prodigy kayaks are great ways to get out on the water for a day and enjoy some paddling!